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Here at the grain mill is where the process starts.
Desalination facility. As with many regions of the world, Australia is trying to come to grips with an ever increasing need for finite fresh water supplies, and the resulting environmental impact. Rather than use precious local fresh water supplies, the Coopers Brewery decided to install a state-of-the-art water purifying capability. Their water is drawn from an on-site well, that because of Adelaide’s proximity to the ocean is salt water.
The mash tun’s are back-center and right. This is where both the Coopers beer and Coopers malt extract get mashed, sparged and boiled. The boiler is on the left, the lauter tun in the background. The foreground kegs mark the location of an eventually to be added mash tun or boiler.
As part of the Coopers Brewery commitment to protecting Australia’s environmental resources, they have installed an energy recapturing system (background) on the boiler. This reduces the brewery’s energy needs and significantly reduces the volume of materials exiting the brewery during the boiling process.
Definitely not your Grandfather’s lauter tun. The next generation in lautering calls for water to be added to the mash and then run through a special filter to separate wort from husk material.
Fermenters. When Coopers isn’t making malt extracts for the world’s homebrewers, they engage in a little sideline of making ales and stouts for the locals.
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