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Adelaide, South Australia, is one of the country's completely planned capital cities. It is surrounded by parklands with the Torrens River meandering north of the city center. It is also the home of the world renowned Coopers Brewery. Started in 1864 by stone mason, Thomas Cooper, the Coopers Brewery is Australia’s only family owned and operated brewery, and is the world’s largest producer of products for homebrewers as well.

According to Michael Jackson, in his seminal book The New World Guide to Beer, the joy in Coopers beers comes from their “heartiness and uncompromising honesty”. In his follow-up book, The Beer Companion, Mr. Jackson gives both the Coopers Sparkling Ale and Coopers Stout a five-star rating.

The entrance to the new brewery. Come on in!
This is the main lobby. Here is where you’ll meet Briney and Summer. They are the “dinky die” front office people of the brewery, and they both speak fluent “Australian” mate!
As you walk in you are greeted by a vintage Coopers Brewery delivery truck.
And before there were delivery trucks, there were Coopers Brewery horse drawn delivery wagons.
Mark Henry and I in front of the co-generation facility at the new brewery. That’s right – they produce their own power, right on site using domestically available natural gas. This allows them to power the brewery and malt extract facility without relying upon more heavily polluting coal or petroleum fired electricity utilities. And by using the latest in pollution control technology, they are able to run the brewery and malt extract facility with minimal environmental impact.
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