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The New Coopers Brewery Microbrewery Kit

The Complete Home Beer Making Program
Brought to you by the only home beer making products
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How Much Fun Can You Handle?

Have you been thinking that making your own beer at home would be a fun and worthwhile hobby? Then the new Coopers Microbrewery Kit is the home beer making kit you have been waiting for. It is the first truly complete home beer making kit. It is the first home beer making kit supported with printed literature, a video, and Internet accessible advice and support. It is the first home beer making kit from the World-Wide leader in home beer making, The Coopers Brewery. After purchasing the Coopers Microbrewery Kit, refill beer kits are readily available through the specialty retailer listing we provide, and each new 5 gallon batch of beer will cost about 40¢ a bottle. The Coopers Brewery Microbrewery Kit can be ordered at www.makebeer.net

What does the Coopers Brewery Microbrewery Kit contain?

  • 1 x 6 gallon fermenter, lid and rubber O ring. This fermenter is a patented design which is engineered to increase beer making success, and increase the ease of beer making.
  • 1 x tap, washer and sediment reducer
  • 1 x airlock and rubber grommet
  • 1 x “little bottler” bottling valve and tube
  • 1 x sugar measure
  • 1 x stick-on thermometer
  • 1 x Coopers Instructional Video, hosted by Aussie movie star Paul Mercurio (from the movie Strictly Ballroom)
  • 1 x instruction booklet
  • 1 x hydrometer (with instructions on use)
  • 30 x 740ml plastic bottles and caps
  • 1 x plastic spoon
  • 1 x all the ingredients necessary to make 5 gallons of beer including:
  • 1 x 1.7kg can Coopers Lager Concentrate
  • 1 x pack Coopers Brewing sugar
  • 1 x pack Coopers Carbonation drops, a patented carbonating product available only through the Coopers Brewery.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!

Life is too short to waste it making beer with gadgets that make enough beer for only one sitting. The Coopers Microbrewery Kit produces the hobby-standard of 5 gallons of delicious home-made beer. The Coopers Microbrewery Kit is endorsed by Mark Henry, award-winning homebrewer and author of The Art of Making Beer (Simon & Schuster). Here’s what one homebrewer up in Canada recently had to say about Coopers…

-----Original Message-----
From: James
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 6:09 PM
To: Coopers Brew Products
Subject: Re: Coopers Microbrewery Kit

Hi Tom,

I tell you, Coopers, in my opinion has the best customer relations I have ever seen, I really mean it. You guys have definitely sold me on the Coopers thing. I have been home brewing for just over a month and a half and because of the great service I have purchased 7 Coopers Malt kits. I am always told try the other brands, but #@*% no!!!! Coopers all the way.

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

James M.
Whitby, Ontario

The Coopers Microbrewery Kit makes home beer making fun and easy. You can visit us at www.makebeer.net and order on-line.

The Coopers Brewery Microbrewery Kit

Fast, Easy, Simply the Best

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