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Coopers Brew Products is pleased to provide our resellers with a media kit to be used in advertising or on the internet. The available images are high-resolution jpeg files. If you would like to provide input on this media kit or have questions on how to use it, please feel free to contact us at market@cascadiabrew.com. Thank you for supporting Coopers Brew Products, the only brew products made by an actual brewery.

Download the entire media kit (46 mb)

Original Series Beer Kits

13 mb
  Dark Ale 3 mb
  Draught 3 mb
  Lager 2 mb
  Real Ale 2 mb
  Stout 3 mb

International Series Beer Kits

8 mb
  Australian Pale Ale 2 mb
  Canadian Blonde 2 mb
  European Lager 3 mb
  Mexican Cerveza 3 mb
  English Bitter 3 mb

Brewmaster Series Beer Kits

8 mb
  IPA 2 mb
  Irish Stout 2 mb
  Pilsener 2 mb
  Wheat Beer 2 mb

Premium Series Beer Kits

13 mb
  Australian Bitter 4 mb
  Traditional Draught 4 mb
  Heritage Lager 3 mb
  Sparkling Ale 4 mb

Unhopped Malt Extract

8 mb
  Amber 2 mb
  Dark 2 mb
  Light 2 mb
  Wheat 2 mb


10 mb
  Brew Enhancer 1 2 mb
  Brew Enhancer 2 2 mb
  Brewing Sugar 2 mb
  Carbonation Drops 1 mb
  Dextrose 2 mb
  Light Dry Malt 3 mb


  PET bottles 2 mb
  Microbrew Kit 2 mb
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